Cockshoot Broad is a broad (a local English dialectical term for an area where a river widens out) on the River Bure within The Broads National Park in Norfolk, England.

Cockshoot Broad is known as the site of a pioneering effort at broad restoration in 1981. At that time Cockshoot Broad had almost ceased to exist because it had become so filled in with silt. However, a massive restoration was undertaken in which a dyke was built to isolate the broad from the rest of the river and then then entire broad was dredged to remove the silt.

Today, Cockshoot Broad looks much more like it did in the late 1800s than how it looked in 1980. The water is extremely clear, and home to lilies and irises and a wide variety of waterfowl.

Cockshoot Broad is one of several broads where boats are banned year round, although boats are allowed to moor at its entrance. A nature trail about 1 kilometer in length has been constructed along the front side of the broad to allow visitors on foot to observe its wildlife, as well as a bird hide (near the dyke), from which visitors can spy on the birds up close through shutters.

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