Clinton (a.k.a. the city that hasn't built a sidewalk since the stone age) is a college town located in the central region of the state of Mississippi. With an estimated population of right around 25,000, Clinton is the second largest city in Hinds county, eclipsed by the state capital's 180,000+ inhabitants. Also, as you may have guessed from the unwieldy nickname I gave it, and as is common in more recent American urban development, city planners in Clinton appear to have assumed in recent decades that every citizen owns an automobile and has no intention of ever utilizing his or her lower extremeties for even the shortest trips.

Albeit small, Clinton boasts of being elected a Mississippi "Most Livable City" (as long as you live a good distance from the train tracks) and of being a "Certified Retirement Community." If the latter credential leads you to think that Clinton is boring, you'd probably be right; There isn't much in the way of night life in Clinton except for a Coffee Shop in Olde Towne called Gravity, where one may eat, drink and witness the work of local artists (often of dubious talent). The Lyon's Club Park also provides college students with a place to drink alcohol after it officially closes to children (and, supposedly, college students) at sunset. I'm sure these students would much rather drink on campus except that doing so is against the rules at most colleges affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention like Mississippi College which, in 1831, became the first coeducational institution of higher learning in the United States to grant a degree to a woman.
Last, but not least among Clinton's more lively attractions, there's the "Horseshoe" karaoke bar on U.S. Highway 80 which is frequented by the rednecks of the region and, sometimes, by college students with nothing better to do. But this establishment, I believe, is officially within Jackson city limits and not in Clinton

Don't despair! This relatively boring atmosphere also means that Clinton has one of the lowest crime rates in the state (though it's not quite as low as some of Jackson's Northern and Eastern suburbs) and one of the best fire ratings, not to mention an exceptional educational system courtesy of the aforementioned Mississippi College and the, as yet, unmentioned Clinton High School. Besides, the night life and high crime rate of the great metropolis of Jackson are only 10 miles away!

For those who have graduated from college and moved on to other activities, we have the Clinton Community Nature Center, which offers scenic nature trails where members of the community can stay fit, and the Baptist Healthplex, which offers a plethora of facilities for excercising and a nice spa area. For fans of Asian/Japanese cuisine, the Sweet & Sour Asian grocery on Clinton Boulevard provides lessons on how to make sushi, as well as the necessary ingrediants for its preparation.
By the way, don't let all these establishments with the word "Baptist" in their name fool you, for not everyone in the city is affiliated to that particular denomination. In fact, Clinton has a church of almost every denomination (about 12) within its limits.

Finally, the city's Chamber of Commerce claims that Clinton is among the "best managed cities in the state" and, although it offers little proof of this fact, you will certainly begin to believe it after you have experienced first hand the horrible feeling that your car is falling apart upon passing any of the dreaded "Jackson City Limit" signs (I, personally, suggest U.S. Hwy 80 for best results).

In case I have, with this write-up, gotten you hoplessly sold on the prospect of starting a new and fruitful life in Clinton, MS, know that you may choose from the following top 10 employers to provide your daily bread:

- Delphi Packard (which, I understand, manufactures auto parts).
- Worldcom (formerly MCI Worldcom) which moved to Clinton from its previous HQ on Amite Street in Jackson. It later filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002 and is rumoured to be moving its Clinton operations to Northern Virginia.
- Clinton Public Schools.
- Mississippi State Tax Commission (which has an office on Springridge Road).
- Mississippi College.
- Wal-Mart (that would be the Super Wal-Mart on Hwy 80... where America shops).
- Riverwood International.
- City of Clinton.
- AKZO Nobel Coatings, Inc.
- Gulf States Canners, Inc. (where our Coca Cola cans come from).

With an average family income of $55,599 and one of the lowest costs of living in the state, why think twice? Just be careful though, Mississippi will get about as hot and humid as a steam room during the summer.

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