I learnt the best way to clean fingerprints and other smudges off monitor screens, LCD panels etc from a camera store yesterday, and I think it is my duty to share this information with my fellow E2ers!

I had just bought a Aus$1900 (US$1000) digital camera and accidentally put some fingerprints on the LCD display on the back. Naively trying to clean it, I used a tissue. Much to my horror, the whole screen ended up smeared and looked like it was badly scratched! Arghhhhh.

Visiting my friendly camera store, they calmly reached behind the counter and pulled out ... scotch tape! (see description at end of w/u)

Applying a strip to the LCD screen, he carefully pressed it on, and then pulled it off. Ta da! Off came all the smears! According the sales person, tissues don't clean anything - all they do is smear the oil and acid around the screen.

This technique works for any type of screens, although it is only really practical for small screens - after all, you will need an awful amount of tape to clean a 19" monitor!

*Scotch tape:
I'm using this term generically. Basically it is the white slightly translucent tape which is often used on paper. Do NOT use tape which is highly adhesive - eg sticky tape, masking tape, packaging tape - this is bad! Only use scotch tape!

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