The game Civilization III by Sid Meier has 16 different tribes, each with unique strengths and one unique unit.
Every Civilization has two traits out of six possible.
The traits are :

1) Commercial - All your cities experience less corruption and cities above size 6 produce more commerce. Commercial Civilizations start the game with The Alphabet.
Very useful strength, because corruption can severly slow you down, especially on the higher levels.

2) Expansionist - Unlike other civilizations expansionist civs start not only with a settler and a worker, but also with a scout. Also, during the game, Barbarians are friendlier. Expansionist Civilizations start the game with Pottery.
Very important trait for early conquest and hut-tipping, but it becomes practically useless in more advanced stages of the game.

3) Industrious - Workers are building terrain improvements two times faster, and cities above size 6 produce more shields. Industrious Civilizations start the game with Masonry.
This trait is almost a must. Fast workers can make the difference between third world civ and a first world empire.

4) Militaristic - Military improvements like Barracks cost two times less shileds to construct and units tend to get promotions more often. Militaristic Civilizations start the game with Warrior Code.
Very useful for middle/late game world wars, when leaders and armies can bring a fast and effective victory.

5) Religious - Religion improvements (Temple, Cathedral, etc) cost two times less shields, and when switching goverments there is no period of Anarchy. Religious Civilizations start the game with Ceremonial Burial.
Extremely important for cultural victory and if you plan an early switch to Republic.

6) Scientific - Science improvements cost two times less shields, and in the beginning of every Era you get a free technological advance. Scientific Civilizations start the game with Bronze Working.
Useful on the higher levels(Emperor, Deity), but on the lower level you can keep a formidable science lead even without this trait.

The list of civilizations and their traits :
Americans - Expansionist and Industrious
Aztecs - Religious and Militaristic
Babylonians - Scientific and Religious
Chinese - Militaristic and Industrious
Egyptians - Religious and Industrious
British - Expansionist and Commercial
French - Commercial and Industrious
Germans - Scientific and Militaristic
Greeks - Scientific and Commercial
Indians - Commercial and Religious
Iroquois - Expansionist and Religious
Japanese - Religious and Militaristic
Persians - Industrious and Scientific
Romans - Militaristic and Commercials
Russians - Scientific and Expansionist
Zulus - Expansionist and Militaristic

Choose wisely!

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