Jeff Greinke
Cities In Fog
Released: 1985/1997

mostly this is a peaceful, reverberating buzzdive.

It's hard to distinguish tracks on this album, and I don't want to, because it's a much greater experience as a whole. It's minimalistic, but there is nothing boring here, because so many little things happen. Small noises gain significance by repetition, and all repetition fades before you grow weary of it.

Put this on in a dark room and lie back, watch the ceiling growing darker in the twilight. You are plunged into a dark city, where the machines are alive and chugging ceaselessly through the night. You might be in danger; you don't know for sure. Sit in the dark corner and listen to the noises of the city. Sounds creep up and fade - the machines, the buildings creaking, the fog seeping heavily into every crack, the harbor bells in the dim distance. Eventually you realize that you are not in danger at all. The city is dark, but not vengeful. By now you are part of the circuitry yourself, and your own heartbeat, your own constant hum has helped to drive the unseen motor of the city.

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