An album by Bobby McFerrin and twelve other singers (three sopranos, three altos, three tenors and three basses) consisting of improvised vocal rhythms.

A typical Circlesong (they don't have names, other than "Circlesong One", "Circlesong Two", etc.) starts with someone singing a little repeating melody or rhythm. Other singers join in, improvising parts to complement the first line of music. It's really a jam session with only the human body as as instrument.

The recordings are essentially what happened in the studio, according to the liner notes. A bit of fading here and there, a touch of echo at the end of a song, and it's perfect.

If all you know of Bobby McFerrin is his pop hit "Don't Worry, Be Happy", you've missed out on some of the best vocal music of the last decade or two. Listen to Circlesongs -- it'll expand your idea of what vocal music can be.

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