A figure covered in black paint stands in the cold
It's mouth opens and out comes the sound of mating frogs

He awakes gasping in a bath tub on an open field
around him They come out of the soil like zombies
Are they? No, they are hibernating lawyers

The carnies truck breaks down on the way to the psychics convention
The solution : A hamster in a wheel, a "black cat" and a hearing aid

He told me he cried trying to force a sofa through the doorway
We left it on the lawn, ripped up the upholstery and caged birds in it's skeleton

I wrote a letter to my godfather :
"... Don't call me or I'll tell my mother about your little run in with the santiago police force..."

Objective: Experience
Experience: Objective

In twenty four hours you should see a difference in yourself Otherwise, try to help your community

Daniel was shot through both hands when he was young
Using his teeth has made him a big hit in Texas

Hi boys and girls! Today I'll show you how to get what you want from your parents
First, shove that guilt way down until your toes become catholics

Five hot plates line the wall
A cylinder of beef is dropped onto the first and hisses agryly
Eventually, all five create an orchestra of murder

Food coloring drips into a bucket
Clouds of color form in the water
They mix creating the pigment of childhood misery

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