Chuck Bueche helped cofound Origin Systems, makers of the Ultima computer game series. Bueche was one of the four original financial backers of Richard Garriott's game company.

While working at Sierra, Bueche was given the job to port Ultima II to the Atari 800. He met Garriott while working on the port. Sierra did not offer Garriott an acceptable deal for Ultima III so Garriott started his own company and took Bueche with him.

Bueche also worked as a game programmer/designer for Origin for a number of years, creating Caverns of Callisto, Autoduel, and 2400 AD.

Like most of Garriott's friends and coworkers, Bueche is represented by a reoccurring character in the Ultima universe. Bueche is the inspiration for Lord British's court jester Chuckles.

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