A "city" in Southwest Virginia, which is located directly adjacent to Blacksburg and whose entire cultural identity revolves around being next to Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, as evidenced by the many Blacksburg Transit stops in the city limits.

The people you'll see around the town's cultural hubs -- the Wal-Mart, the Home Depot, the New River Valley Mall (of very questionable quality) -- are an interesting mixture of backcountry yokels who descend from the little slice of Appalachia in which Blacksburg is contained, giggly Tech sorority girls, and engineering types wandering aimlessly around Wal-Mart trying to come up with a way to kill ants in their apartment in Fox Ridge without actually using chemicals proscribed for the purpose (hint: Pam works).

Actually, now that I think about it, I have no clue why Christiansburg and Blacksburg are even seperate entities. If they were sensible, they'd just make them both Blacksburg and rename all the exits off of US-460. But sensibility is a lot to expect in that part of the world . . .

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