Christopher Tucker is an African-American actor born on August 31, 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia. His most famous roles to date are playing Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element and Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour movies.

A comedian by trade, he tends to be over-the-top, loud, and brash. In his role as Ruby Rhod, he garnered several award nominations as the worst debut actor because his on-screen personality overwhelmed everyone around him. I personally found him to be hilarious, but the audiences were polarized on his performance.

He was a bit more understated in the Rush Hour movies, and it helped the series to become a commercial success. Along with Jackie Chan, a personal friend to this day, he was able to demand a $20M salary for the second film after the first one was a blockbuster. In the third film, he added a cut of the profits against his salary.

Tucker is active in the African-American community, performing comedy that points out things from a black perspective and also acting and producing documentaries. He has one child from a former marriage and has also appeared in several music videos, notably with his friend Michael Jackson before Michael's untimely death.

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