Chisato is a decidedly hyper reporter for the Nede Chronicle, a newspaper that is published in Central City. Being trained in martial arts and never without a powered weapon, she's often chosen to pursue potentially dangerous stories -- and what could be more dangerous than following a band of warriors around as they prepare to face off against a powerful group of foes? Chisato appears to love her job; not only is she willing to risk life and limb for it, but she also seems willing to write articles about anything and everything.

I have one question, though: Why is it that she rarely seems to use those powered weapons of hers?

Availability: Met late in game; return her ID card to her to recruit if space permits
Character Type: Warrior
Weapon: Blaster(?)

Chisato's Killer Moves


By the way, all of these "X's Killer Moves" nodes refers to characters in Star Ocean: The Second Story. I'm just filling in holes to get some nodeshare. Hee-hee. Anyhow, this is a list for Chisato Madison.

Cost: 5 MP; Maximum Profiency: 240
Chisato turns into a buzzsaw shape and gets about 4 hits on an enemy. It's fine to combo with, but seeing that you can be knocked out of it, I don't suggest using it that often.

Burning Cards
Cost: 10 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 3??
Chisato throws business cards, specifically, burning ones. (?!?) As the attack levels up, the area that the business cards cover gets larger, but two sets of cards are thrown as well. (SENTENCE STRUCTURE ALARM)

Cost: 15 MP; Maximum Proficiency: 200
It's a combo attack straight out of Street Fighter. Much like Twister, I wouldn't recommend this very much.

10,000 Volts
Cost: 22 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
Chisato whips out her stun-gun and fires an electrical field. As it levels up, the field gets larger. If you can manage to pull this off (it takes forever AND you can be disrupted while setting up for it), it will hit at least 3 times.

Rising Dragon
Cost: 20 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
Chisato does a flowing, graceful martial arts attack. Rising Dragon is excellent if you can manage to hit. Usually, an enemy will dodge the first hit, and then dodge the rest of the attack. Using this with Tear Gas, though...

Tear Gas
Cost: 38 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
Oh, mama. Chisato dials a secret number on her cell phone, and out of the blue, this scary looking contraption pops up, and blows green gas at an enemy. Disadvantages: it takes a second or two to work. In Star Ocean, this is a lifetime. It only hits for half a normal attack. Advantages: It hits 15 times. It can be used with skills like Below the Belt and Mental Training (which lets you randomly hit for double damage). Rising Dragon + Tear Gas = EVIL.

Cost: 42 MP; Maximum Proficiency: ???
Considering how well her cell phone worked with Tear Gas, Chisato calls up some missiles with this move. However, you can quite literally kill off an enemy before the air strike arrives. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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