Chill Rob G (Robert Frazier) is an ultra-obscure rap artist from Brooklyn, New York. He is best known for writing the underpinnings of the song "The Power", which went on to be a wildly popular hit by Snap!, who covered the song, redid the lyrics, and actually sampled Chill Rob's voice. There is somewhat of a drama around the two versions of the song, but the facts are scattered.

Interestingly enough, the Chill Rob G and Snap! albums were released at roughly the same time (circa 1990). Although the G was on a smaller label, the single for his version of The Power was briefly circulating in major record chains before Snap! blew it out of the water.

So it ended up that a totally killer rap album got left in the dust. Chill Rob G holds his own on his initial offering, "Ride the Rhythm." While most other rappers at the time were belting out sugary drivel pop wannabe stuff, the G was laying down hard rhymes in top New York form. Several years later, Staten Island based superstars Wu-Tang Clan would lay down a similarly gritty masterpiece.

Part of this gritty sound can be attributed to Chill Rob G's producer, DJ Mark the 45 King. The sound on the album is dark and ominous, and the rhymes are surly, serious, and tight.

Chill Rob G was part of the Flavor Unit, whose members included the ranks of (New York jazz rappers) Gang Starr, who later went on to have multiple successes.

Six years later, in 1996, he released a single called Let Me Know Something. Since then, I have no knowledge of his work.

There's next to no info available online about Chill Rob G. If you know something I don't, please message me and I'll revise.

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