The Reader’s Digest Children’s World Atlas

The Children’s World Atlas, 1991 edition was Published in Pleasantville by Reader’s Digest Association. It is a print source with a sturdy binding. The third edition, in 2003 was listed at $24.99.

Typical Questions:

“My daughter is in sixth grade, we need a book to browse through to help choose a country for her report.”

“Where is Lake Winnipeg?”


This atlas is geared toward children, especially those aged nine and up. It can be enjoyed by adults as well.


The dust jacket says: “To introduce young readers to their world in a colorful, easy-to-use format.”


This book starts with a general overview:

This is followed by a section on each continent, and breaks each continent into countries and regions.

How to Use:

With this book, the best way to use it is just by familiarizing yourself with it by casually browsing through it. The first twenty or so pages are filled with interesting facts and trivia. Then you can explore a continent or country by looking it up in the Table of Contents. Smaller places, such as states, large cities, rivers, lakes, etc., can be found using the index.


This book is colorful, appealing, has large print, and is not intimidating.


Limited in scope. For example, all of Africa is covered in only 8 pages!

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