From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 9. Chicken in Savoury Jelly

Choose a very small spring chicken, which is to be boiled as white as possible, then put it away to get cold; melt some aspic jelly, pour a little into a mould that will just hold the chicken, cut some garniture with whites of hard-boiled eggs and truffles, decorate the bottom, set the mould on ice, and add by degrees a little aspic to set the decoration; when it is perfectly secure, lay in the chicken, the breast downwards, and pour a little more aspic, which should not be warm, only just in a liquid state; continue pouring in the aspic at intervals till it comes up level with the back of the chicken; keep the mould surrounded with ice till it is to be dished, then dip it in hot water and turn it out on the dish.

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