Chi Chi's Italian Sausage is a famed Bostonian sausage cart known for providing late night snacks to hungry denizens of The Hub. Unlike other cities, like New York, there aren't sausage vendors on every street corner in Boston, so finding a good sausage can be a little difficult. The unwary traveler may get stuck with the inferior Sausage King, or worse, be served by a faceless sausage chef at an unnamed sausage cart. Seek out Chi Chi... you will not be disappointed.

Chi Chi can be found on Landsdowne Street any time the Red Sox are in town. On fall football weekends at B.C., Chi Chi hangs out around St. Ignacious Church (next to the evil Sausage King... beware). Chi Chi can also occasionally be found at Fanueil Hall, but is usually in the vicinity of Boston College. At night, when school is in session, Chi Chi hangs out on a small city-owned sidewalk island in Newton, right between Upper Campus and McElroy Commons. You see, despite protests from students, Chi Chi's Italian Sausage is banned from the campus... which is why he thumbs his nose at the adminstration and camps right outside their walls.

Rumor has it that if you ask Chi Chi for a 'banana', he sells you heroin. Maybe that's why he's not welcome at B.C....

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