The Chevrolet Cobalt is due to replace the Chevrolet Cavalier in the Fall of 2004. The Cobalt seems to be pitted against some of the Japanese makers to help General Motors get back some of the lost market-share. Over the past few years Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other manufacturers have outpriced the American car manufacturers. Chevrolet is hoping that the Cobalt is the answer to their problems.

The Cobalt will come with a 2.2L, 2.4L, or a 2.0L engine, the latter equipped with a supercharger. Seating 4, this 2 or 4-door sedan seems to appeal to the practical, mid-20's market. For the buyers who have some more money, the awesome XM Satellite Radio will be an option. If you don't like listening to radio at all, you can get a CD/MP3 player. GM's OnStar system is also an option if you are worried about road service.

The Cobalt will come in numerous colors, including Stealth Gray and Victory Red.

It is still too early to see the final color list or price, as Chevrolet hasn't released them yet. Visit the Cobalt's web page at

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