The tidal areas of the rivers, creeks, and swamps feeding Chesapeake Bay make for countless nooks, crannies, islands, points, and other landmarks along it.  For most of its history, Chesapeake Bay was the principal thoroughfare for the Native Americans who lived there, as well as for the Europeans who settled Maryland and Tidewater Virginia later.   People traveling along this watery highway navigated by the landmarks on shore.

The list below contains a selected set of these places.  Even with this limited list, there is so much...stuff that I felt it should be off in its own separate node.  Let's leave Chesapeake Bay for scientific, historical, and cultural content.

The list proceeds from from north to south.  Many tributaries have lists of their own places indented under them. In such sub lists (except for the Susquehanna), we proceed up the tributary noticing places on the left and right.  For the Susquehanna, we proceed downriver into the Bay.  We are only concerned with tidal waters and landmarks along them.

The text style indicates the type of feature:

Normal - important human landmark
Italics - tidal estuary tributary to the Chesapeake.
Small, normal - point or island
Fixed width, bold - town

Certain important features will receive a size boost and appear in bold.

Notice that many tributary estuaries are called "river" even though they are nothing of the sort, and the streams that feed most of them barely count as creeks.

Many features have a suffix in parentheses inticating a relative location.  Many are self-evident, but common abbreviated suffixes are:

(E) - on the Eastern Shore
(W) - on the Western Shore

-- William Preston Lane Memorial Bridge -- -- Maryland / Virginia Line -- -- Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel -- -- Atlantic Ocean --

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