People get hurt, seriously hurt.

People have died.

This is the most extreme dairy related sport in the world, the Gloucestershire Cheese Race.

Almost every year for the past two centuries, and possibly for a lot longer, after a pint at the Cheeserollers pub, dozens of men and women roll two hundred yards down the steepest part of Cooper's hill after an eight-pound truckle of Double Gloucester.

Originally the race was held in midsummer, later moving to Whit Monday, and in 1967 to the last monday in May to coincide with the bank holiday.

The Master of Ceremonies, wearing a white overall, ribboned top hat and floral button hole, shouts:

"One to be ready, two to be steady, three to prepare - and four to be off"

The cheese is released, the cheeserollers roll. The crowd roars, injuries are sustained.

The winner; proud, noble and numb, walks off with the satisfaction of being one of an ancient line of champion rollers, oh, and what's left of the cheese.

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