It has been FAR too long since noders wreaked havoc on North California.

This is going to change.

The illustrious Lady Midnight contacted me some time ago to let me know she was going to be visiting California, and did we want to meet up, and hey, she was going to be at Folsom Street Fair for sure, how did that sound?

I've never been, although we've lived here for 2 years.

It sounded GREAT.

So the wuukieewheels started turning, and turning...

Then, through a weird chain of events, I suddenly remembered pyrogenic lives out in San Francisco now. I bet he'd enjoy that, too!

Thus, this nodermeetlet was born.


The actual event:
Sunday, September 28
11:00 am - 6 pm

HOWEVER, we will be meeting at Lady Midnight's friend's house for breakfast, and then taking public transportation to the event. PM or email me for teh address.

The fair itself is in San Francisco, California -- South of Market (SOMA) on Folsom Street between 7th and 12th Streets.


Why NOT? Leather, debauchery, booze, and noders go hand in hand.

While this event is open to all ages, keep in mind it is an adult-themed gathering.  Folsom Street Fair essentially celebrates the leather, alternative, and fetish communities of San Francisco. Children are welcome, but absolutely at the judgement of their parents.

Their website is at if you want more information.

- your hosts: wuukiee, mcc and has-not-yet-noded-but-has-an-account, genetik.
We'll be easy to find. I'll be wearing a black and red velvet corset. mcc will be wearing a black leather skirt and red vinyl shirt.
- at least two non-noder friends of said hosts
- Lady Midnight and some of her non-noder friends
- czeano

Who might be there?
- you?

Who doesn't love us and won't come?
- Andrew Aguecheek claims pesky little things like "the Atlantic ocean and most of the American continent" as being in his way.
- Whiskeydaemon is on his way to the wrong damn coast.
- Dimview is not a millionaire and thus cannot fly every which way on a whim.
- Apatrix and gwenllian are busy having their own to-do without us.  *sigh*
- The Debutante also claims the pesky "Atlantic Ocean" exception.
- wertperch and grundoon have to pass on the "imp buddha" front.
- izubachi is on the other side of the world.
- Wiccanpiper is much distressed at missing all those men in black leather, but offers no suitable excuse.
- DonJaime takes offense at plate techtonics.
- e2reneta also prefers her youngsters uncorrupted.


Contact me--pm here, AIM at wuukiee81, gtalk or gmail  If you need to reach me at the last minute, call my cell at 408-429-0385 and ask for Diana.

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