From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 30. Chartreuse with Beef Palates

Take a plain copper mould, butter it, and line it with paper well buttered; then prepare a sufficient quantity of carrots and turnips; by boiling them separately till tender, in salt and water, with a little white veal fat or butter, or slices of fat bacon. Take a round vegetable scoop, cut as many pieces as you can, then with your knife cut them in round fillets; lay a row of the carrots one over the other round the mould; then a row of the turnips, again carrots, and so on, till you arrive three-parts up the mould. Cut some beef palates that have been dressed into round pieces, soak them in glaze, and put them at the bottom of the mould, one over the other. Secure the vegetables by spreading veal forcemeat lightly on them ; steam the mould in boiling water for half an hour, then turn it over on the dish, remove the mould and paper, and with a pastry brush drop some thin glaze over the vegetables. When dished, pour round a Spanish sauce. When the roots are young, this is by far the best way to make a Chartreuse.

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