A set of mythical chairs in Hades that make the sitters forget absolutely everything and sit with a completely blank mind for all eternity.

These chairs appear in the journeys of Theseus and his friend Pirithous in Hades. Running from Castor and Pollux after they had kidnapped the young Helen, they abandoned their endeavour and fled to the underworld, where the Lord of Hades was quite amused by their arrival. Since he could not kill them (they were, after all, in the realm of death), he invited them to sit in his presence, in the aforementioned Chairs. There they sat, motionless, until Theseus was rescued by Hercules. Pirithous, however, was required to stay in Hades because he had plotted to capture Persephone before he had to settle for the more attainable Helen.

A viewpoint that I deem interesting towards this subject is the cruelty of Hercules' actions. The Chairs were very much a prison, but they were a prison without pain. Theseus and his friend sat in a state of utter ataraxia, almost like a zen master in meditation, and Hercules had 'rescued' them from a very comfortable state. However, this is supposedly offset by Theseus' practical use to Hercules. If we expand this to a universal context, we can argue whether letting everyone lapse into vegetative states in transcendentalist communes is a correct thing to do; the said individuals would be in an utterly peaceful state, yet they would cease to be of any practical, concrete use. Therefore, it's basically just a simple question of whether social order comes before inner peace; Confucianism or Taoism?

Bah. I digress.

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