A fiendishly difficult improv comedy game you might see performed at ComedySportz. Kind of like the game of telephone, if it were played by mimes. Here's how it works:
  1. Start with a team of four players. Three leave the room.
  2. The audience suggests a non-existant occupation, a location, and an object that is not normally a murder weapon.
  3. The first of the three exiled players returns to the room.
  4. The player who stayed to receive the suggestions must convey the occupation, the location, and the murder weapon to player #2 using only gibberish and mimed actions.
  5. When player #2 thinks he understands the concepts, he uses his "weapon" to kill player #1, and player #3 enters the room.
  6. Iterate the above two steps until you get to the last player.
  7. The game must be completed in two minutes.
If the last player can correctly name the first three suggestions, then I'll be shocked, because I've never seen it happen.

It should be noted that the conveyance of 'occupation' cannot be done by actually performing the occupation. You need to get the person who didn't hear the suggestions to do it themselves.

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