French expression literally translated as "Each has their own taste." Often used as a way of saying you don't agree with someone else's tastes, as in "There's no accounting for tastes" or "De gustibus non est disputandum."

The first word is normally written chacun, though as it comes from chaque 'each' + un 'one', the spelling chaqu'un might be a correct variant, I don't know*. (Cf. quelqu'un 'someone'.)

The last word is goût 'taste'. The circumflex indicates the ghost of a departed S: the Latin root gust- appears in gusto, gustatory, disgust, and the phrase de gustibus non est disputandum 'there is nothing to be argued about in tastes'.

However, the common expression chacun à son goût is not French.

The French expression for this is chacun son goût, or à chacun son goût: 'to each their taste', rather than 'each to their taste'.

The part of me that wants to request a Title Edit for this has been overruled by the part that wants to show off its knowledge.

* Thanks to parmentier for confirming that it's not.

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