Red-bricked landmark in the center of the University of Florida campus. Despite its name, it is not one century old. It was erected in 1953 when UF was 100 years old.

There is a carillon at the top, one of only two in Florida (the other is at Bok Tower Gardens). The bells can be heard from almost anywhere on campus, and because it's on higher ground than most of campus, the tower can be seen from most of UF. It is therefore a way to orient yourself when you are still learning your way around.

Century Tower also appears in the Steve Martin movie Parenthood; in the father's worst fears, his son is a deranged gunman firing from Century Tower at the students in the courtyard below.

According to urban legend, a brick will fall from Century Tower when a virgin graduates.

SOURCE: My own memory, and for the reason it's called Century Tower.

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