The Cederberg Wilderness Area is maintained by CNC, Cape Nature Conservation, permits may be obtained in Clan-William. They may or will probably not be useful. The history of the white man in this area starts circa 1800, however one can find Bushman paintings dated 6000 years old. In the last quarter of said century a forester was appointed to attempt to curb the destruction of Widdringtonia Cedarbergensis from which the name of the area may have arrived. Similar efforts have seen the formation of the Cederberg Conservancy, this extends the wilderness area to some 162 000 hectare of arid mountainous terrain. Despite the often harsh climate Clan-William produces delicious citrus, hand-made leather goods as well as the famous Rooibos tea, ask anyone from South Africa. The wilderness area is located about 15 minutes drive from the town on good gravel road over the Pakhuis pass, a camp site popular with rock climbers called Kliphuis can be found here.

The wilderness area is a hikers and climbers paradise with diverse bird life and various interesting animals including the cape mountain leopard. Human visitors spend their time either in the bush or lounging at the Kliphuis campsite. The term Bush is used loosely here, since this area is in fact a Sandstone graveyard. They will find some 250km of unmarked but clearly visible footpaths and innumerable boulder problems. The bouldering area on top of the pass is know as Rocklands. Other spots include Wolfberg, for traditional and Truitjieskraal. Visitors would also do well to find the Maltese Cross and marvel at its splendor.

At just over 2000m Sneeuberg is the highest mountain in the Cederberg range. This range seen from space span the Bokkeveld from just above Ceres to warmer places in the North. In the winter one can often see the tops of the higher mountains covered in snow, somewhat of a rare sight in these parts. Its melts quickly and is good mainly for photographs. Summers are harsh and water scarce.

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