A renderer of Quake 3 levels for the CAVE and other IPT (immersive projection technology) devices created by Paul Rajlich. Cave Quake 3 supports most of the rendering features present in the actual Quake 3 Arena Engine using a version of the Aftershock engine modified to support multiple display contexts and multiple display surfaces. The one major feature that is lacking in Cave Quake 3 Arena is the lack of an actual game mode. The user can fly around the levels and is prevented from going through the walls but she/he cannot actually fight against virtual or real opponents.

The lack of a game mode does not entirely negate the usfulness of Cave Quake 3 though. The Quake 3 level editor, q3radiant is a free tool for creating 3d maps or levels. With Cave Quake 3 it is possible for virtual reality application developers to use content created with q3radiant in applications of their own design using any of a number of several popular virtual reality and computer graphics toolkits including:

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