Kelly pointed at the trees and told me her best secret: Those trees touch the sky. If we pump our legs high enough then we can get to the top. If we get high enough we fly right over them.

And then it was One Two Three Go. We decided we were allowed to cheat because the branches had a headstart on height, so we pushed off a few times until we got it going right. Kelly did the counting to keep rhythm, down and UP and down and UP and down and then I said Kelly Shut Up. I know how to pump my swing. We are going to make it this time.

Soon everything fell away and the greenblue yard went swooping in a blur and then upside down because I thought we were almost flying then it was One Two Three Jump and we were flying for real. Grass stains on our knees and bits of gravel in our palms, the swing chains clanking wildy behind us and us on the ground, breathing breathing breathing.

Damn we said. Next time we will make it.

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