The Casio FX115W is a scientific caclulator produced by Casio. It is a fine, inexpensive piece of equipment, ideal for anyone to carry around with them at all times. It has a solar panal and a 1.55 volt Silver oxide battery which should last you for about 9 months. It mesures 146.7mmX73mmX5mm, it fits in most shirt pockets and pant pockets. the FX115W functions in the Logical, Decimal, Hexidecimal, Binary and Octal modes. It is capable of algebraic, fractional, statistical and trigonometry equations. The battery (GPA75A) that comes with the Casio FX 115W is no longer manufactured; thus it can not be replaced. However, You can find a similar battery -The S76E- at your local Radio Shack. The S76E is a 1.55 volt Silver oxide cell battery produced by Everedy,. You can use a number of different batteries, however the S76E will probably be the easiest to come by.

Other batteries include

-EverRedy 303

-EverRedy 357

-Vinnic S1154

-Renata LR44

-Toshiba SR44SW

-Toshiba SR44W

-Thosiba SR44(G13)




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