The Casio CFX-9950 GB Plus is a color calculator, in the 9x50 series. It has got loads of useful functions; built in programs, graph-modules, statistics-module, programming (and a language of its own, with BASIC similarities), currency-module, equation modules (Simultaneous (2nd and 3rd degree), polynomial and solver) and of course the regular Run module (the one you do the basic stuff in, +, -, ×, ÷ etc.). Oh yes, if you have a link-cable, you can share your stash with others. There are also a whole lot of other things such as a barometer (amongst a lot of others) that you can attach to it, and read the readings off the built in programs (Those are pre made, and actuallly let you read the airpressure).

A sample program that lets you input Height and Radius, and output Volume and Surface. Very simple.
Functions in bold. The "»" is actually a tiny angle in the right corner. Look around and you'll find it. Return carriage (The EXE button) after each line, except from the "»") The #'s are my comments.

" " 			# Note: SPACE.
" " 			# SPACE again
2×π×R			# This is PI (3.14~)

#(end program)

Now, what this program does, except from the aforementioned, is that when the "VOLUME IN UNITS" and "SURFACE IN UNITS" has been calculated, that Return function starts the program over again. ClrText - Clears text, ? is just a variable input. ->'s designate what the variable should be called.

The programming function is not the only interesting function though, the graph and stat modules are also worth it. They are comprehensive and well thought-out. Even though the CASIO's aren't as fast as the TI ones, it gets the job done.

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