Carol Ryrie Brink was born on December 28, 1895, in Moscow, Idaho. She was named "Carol" for having been born at Christmastime. When she was eight, her parents died, and she went to live with her grandmother, whose name was Caddie Woodhouse. Carol always wanted to be a writer, and her grandmother encouraged her to work toward that goal. Carol would later weave her grandmother's many pioneer-girl-growing-up-in-rural-Wisconsin stories into the Newbery-winning Caddie Woodlawn.

Carol attended the University of Idaho and the University of California, Berkeley. She soon married Raymond Brink, a mathematician at the University of Minnesota.

She published her first book in 1934, and went on to write more than thirty fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults, as well as several plays.

Carol Brink died on August 15, 1981. Her hometown of Moscow, Idaho, named a nature preserve after her.


Baby Island

The Bad Times of Irma Baumlein

Buffalo Coat

Caddie Woodlawn   (1936 Newbery Award)

A Chain of Hands

Dare To Dream! A Handbook For The Empowered Dreamer

Four Girls on a Homestead

Goody O'Grumpity

Magical Melons

The Pink Motel

Snow in the River

Strangers in the Forest

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