Carol Matas was born in 1949, in Winnipeg. She realized early that she loved theatre, and studied it throughout high school and college - she attended the University of Western Ontario and the Actor's Lab in London. After graduating, she went to Canada to act.

She didn't think of writing as a possible career, until she was married and had her first child. She had intended to go back to acting after the baby, but her daughter's repeated illnesses made that impossible. Stuck in the house all day with a sick kid, Carol began writing again. She began with science fiction and later switched to historical fiction, inspired by her Danish husband's family's many Holocaust stories.   "At this point I didn't know I was writing for children. I was simply writing stories in which children played the main parts. Why? I wish I could tell you."

She also wrote a book called Safari Adventures in Legoland, which unfortunately has gone out of print.

Carol currently lives in Winnipeg with her family.


After the War

Daniel's Story

The Garden

Greater Than Angels

In My Enemy's House


A Meeting of Minds

More Minds

Of Two Minds

Out of Their Minds

The Primrose Path

Sworn Enemies

The War Within: A Novel of the Civil War

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