What is Carma Laboratories?
Carma Labs is a small pharmaceuticals company. The first product to be made by Carma Labs was Carmex, a lip balm, in 1937. Alfred Woelbing, who founded Carma Labs, had previously invented Lyptone, another lip balm, and Shynebright, a shoe polish. For twenty years, Carmex was manufactured by Alfred Woelbing and his wife at home. Only in 1957, when production was moved to a factory in Wauwatosa, WI, did Carma Labs earn its name. Until the 1970’s, production was relatively rudimentary, with Carmex still being hand poured. In 1973, assembly line technology was introduced. In 1976, production moved to Franklin, WI, where it remains. Carma Labs is now run by Alfred's sons and grandsons Don, Erik and Paul Woelbing, Alfred (now 96) having retired. Carma Labs employs around 60 people.

What does Carma Labs make?
Carma Labs produces Carmex lip balm, which I must say I find to be excellent, which is available in little jars (7.5g or 15g), EZ-ON applicator tube (10g), and a Click Stick (4.3g). The formula for the Click Stick Carmex also works as an SPF15 sunscreen. Carma Labs also produces LANEX Hemorrhoidal Ointment, available in 30g jars.

How can I contact Carma Laboratories?
Carma Labs can be contacted in the following ways:

Carma Laboratories, Inc.
5801 West Airways Avenue
Franklin, Wisconsin 53132




Sources: http://carma-labs.com

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