Carefresh is a litter product made out of "virgin wood pulp" and designed for use as a liner in the cages of small animals (hamsters, gerbils, reptiles, caged birds, ferrets, etc.). It is much more absorbant than pine, cedar, or aspen shavings and doesn't have to be changed as frequently. There's hardly any dust, it doesn't stick to the bottom of the cage, making clean-up not so strenuous as before. You can also flush this righteous stuff straight down the crapper!

The downside to Carefresh is its cost. Generally, a ten liter bag will cost around $5, depending on your location. However, since you don't have to change it as often as you would have to if you were using wood shavings, Carefresh can be an economical way to provide your lovely pet with a clean environment.

From personal experience, my hamster seems to prefer Carefresh to any other bedding material. It does tend to get stuck in his long coat and I have to groom him more than I usually due. It's good stuff, though, especially if your pet's cage is situated in the four-wall enclosure you spend most of your waking and sleeping hours in.

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