Developed and published by SNK in 2001, the sequel to the NeoGeo Pocket CCG Card Fighters Clash (1999). Set two years after the events of the first game, this sequel introduces a number of new features while retaining the rules and cards from the original (hence 'Expand Edition'). There are now over 100 new cards to discover, including a new class of card (Reaction) that can be played during the opponents attack phase. Some of the other new features:
  • Navigation around the game world is now quicker, with locations off of the map screen presented in first person (a la Biomotor Unitron, etc.)
  • All of the character cards have new (and even better) artwork by Moto Kikaku. Even though the card dimensions are the same, the pics seem more detailed by closing in on the head (rather than the whole upper body) and spilling out of the card more noticably.
  • Some cards have art by 'guest artists', either adapted from posters and promotional material, or drawn especially for the game.
  • The battle interface is more polished, with more animations. (One cool effect is that powerful attacks can blow holes in vanquished cards!) Animations can be turned off to speed up the game flow.
  • Trading now only requires 8 or 3 cards to be input (as opposed to 10 or 5)
  • Some old characters have new abilities or higher stats.
  • The more powerful special attacks have been reined in (e.g. Yoshiro and Akuma can now only dismiss/kill the card directly in front of them).
  • It might be possible to disable some cards/attacks in the settings, and to import decks from the first game (but I am unclear on this).
  • The deck constructor has more tools, including sorting options.
  • The game can be connected to Capcom vs. SNK 2 on the Dreamcast.
  • Game version (SNK or Capcom) can be selected at startup, because there won't be two different versions released.
Unfortunately the game was never officially translated or released in the West, however there is a fan translation project underway, which has so far managed to translate all the card names and abilities (allowing matches to be played) although the single player story, and the cards' historical information, have not yet been translated.

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