From a Belgian-Dutch customs agreement of the 1940s, Europe has progressed to have its own superhero, Captain Euro:

As the 21st century dawns, the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. The old structures are disappearing as new ones take their place, bringing with them uncertainty for the future.
In this climate of constant change, the European Union, a union of prosperity and innovation
*cough*, has emerged as a global superpower. The twelve stars organisation has been set up to defend the security of Europe and uphold the values of the Union.
Twelve stars' headquarters are located in the top secret Atomium building (a large metallic structure that looks like a chemistry molecule built in Belgium in 1958 and too large to be top secret) , the centre of a network of advanced communications and information technology, where one brave man maintains perpetual vigilance...Captain Euro - Europe in Action !

Truth, Justice and the European Way are protected by Captain Euro and his team - Europa (an environmentalist), Erik (dream achievement would be to travel at the speed of light), Helen (gold medalist gymnast), Markus (token black technical geek), Lupo (a dog) and Phythagorus 1 (holographically projected computer program). The team is called Twelve Stars, which is also the name of the marketing company that dreamt up Captain Euro.

Their nemesis is Doctor D. Vider, some arch criminal committed to dividing Europe, and his gang of circus freaks (appearing quite scary and Slavic).

ref: - the website includes a Euro currency converter

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