In this era America was growing and prosperous in all forms, science advances were growing, economics thrived, the military was powerful, and new luxuries were becoming available. Americans on the other hand were not as fortunate as the country they were laboring for, the poor grew poorer and the rich grew richer. Machines were replacing the need for skill, and most Americans became uneducatedproletariats (even the educated most often couldn't find decent jobs) working them selves to death for hardly any wage.

The new country America had only been around for a short while and yet it was already growing to become the most powerful in the world, economical growth was at such levels that most countries could only dream of. Railroads were making trade cheaper and faster, electricity reduced the need for labor and powered new inventions like sewing machines, light bulbs, and powered factories making refining and manufacturing faster and simpler. Plumbing added to public health and luxury, and later telephones made for comparatively instant communication. Utilizing new techniques and technology, farming results increased greatly, using the Bessemer Process steel could be manufactured at much faster speeds than before, this process made mass manufacturing of huge machines such as trains, and railroads possible. Companies were growing and growing into huge conglomerates effectively making products more available, and cheaper. Figures like J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller had become the figure heads of capitalism, their business methods spread railroads across the country, made new products available in bulk, and helped Americas economy thrive.

The new country America had only been around for a short while and yet it was already growing to become the most powerful in the world, economical growth was at such levels that most countries could only dream of. This economical growth was a result of the blood and sweat of decent hard working Americans, it sounds great doesn't it? A real American dream. But the blood and sweat during this era came in rivers, human rights for the poor were non existent, there was no public health for the poor, there was no sanitary housing, no business ethics, no unions, you either worked your ass off or starved.

Immigrants were pouring in from all around the world to be a part of this "American Dream" when they got here instead they found filthy stinking docks where they stood in lines for hours to get checked for scurvy and other diseases they might of picked up along the way. Families were separated by a member being rejected, often people would be robbed and end up with nothing but their cloths in a new country, most often they would go to a neighborhood filled with people of their ethnicity where dozens of people slept in 10x10 foot rooms, in hovels of filth such as these, diseases spread rapidly, the water was filthy, and toilets weren't very common.

If workers complained, they were replaced, most of the "native born" Anglo-Saxons hated other ethnicities because they felt that they were stealing their work. Whites protested while they were building rail roads and they were replaced with Chinese, who didn't have homes and were basically enslaved by their "debts" they received so low wages for their labor they had to go on store credit to by living necessities and with how little they were paid it became impossible for them to pay it back, they didn't have any homes so they couldn't really run away, and they were worked to death in harsh working conditions.

Corporations ended up ruling the country through politicians under corporate bribes. Small businesses were forced to merge with larger ones, huge conglomerates were formed that monopolized their area of trade, John D. Rockefeller controlled oil, and J.P. Morgan ruled the railroads, along with other lesser monopolists, the countries cash flow and economy ended up being dictated by only a few people.

In 1898 when the transcontinental railroad was completed the Chinese laborers find them selves out of work and are discharged. Most flood to California. At the same time following the railroads from the east, expensive luxury goods that just end up ruining western American economy follow them, making corporate CEOs rich benefiting the corporations and the government, while making everyone else poor.

If the people are poor, and the poor have no rights or voice how than can democracy be heard? I say this age was "By the people, for the person".

This report is written in reflection to 1800 to 1900 A.D.

This is part of the node your homework project and doesnt neccessarily reflect my views or beliefs.

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