Capilano College is a university-transfer college located in British Columbia, Canada. It is comprised of three campuses. The main campus is in North Vancouver, and there are two smaller campuses in Squamish and in Sechelt.

It is really strong on Arts programs, and aside from hundreds of Diploma programs, one can get Associate, or Bachelor degrees in Arts, Science, Music (Jazz Studies), Music Therapy, Tourism, and Business Administration.

Also available are graduate programs in Environmental Science, Asian-Pacific Management, Latin-American Management, and Art.

Any a given time, there are about 7000 credited students enrolled in the college, about 500 of whom are international, and 5000 of whom come from the Greater Vancouver area.

Capilano College feels very young, because fully half of the students are fresh out of highschool, and very few people go there after university studies.

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