I actually live in one of the more rural areas of the neighboring town of Emmett, Michigan. Emmett does not require a node. It consists of a post office, a bank, a school, a church, a few gas stations, and a place in which you can watch women remove clothes which would probably be better left on.


Capac is a small town that you will probably only experience if you have to visit one of its four gas stations, all within sight of each other, when you are passing it on the highway. It resides in Saint Clair County and has a population of less than 2,000. Rarely can it be found on maps of Michigan, but these occurences seem to have increased over the years.

The School System

This is the area of the town I know the most about, having been a part of it in my life thus far. The school colors are blue and gold, completely different from Imlay City, Michigan's blue and yellow colors or Memphis, Michigan's dark-blue and yellow.

The mascot is the Chief, as in an Indian wearing a headress Chief. It came about because of a misunderstanding about where the name of the town comes from. It does give a nice feeling of strength to our sports teams and a higher feeling of insanity to our quizbowl team. I have heard that our sports teams are not that bad, but none of them will ever go onto any major sports league.

There are two main things that are school can say it has accomplished. First, even though the average student will at best be going on to one of the cheaper local colleges, the school has been able to send a few to some of the higher schools. I am proud to say though that I know one who has gone on to the University of Michigan, one who was accepted to MIT, but could not afford to go, and one who is, at this time, almost certain to go to WestPoint. We also add to the illustrious ranks of Michigan Technological University every year.

Second, our school has one of the largest drug problems in the country, or so we were told. Over ninety percent of the student body is supposed to have tried one of the higher level of drugs. Being one of the left over five percent or so, I am not sure whether this is true or whether the students are simply more willing to lie when given forms to fill out.

The Name

The name, which is a palindrome, was inspired by Manco Capac, the first Incan ruler. There is no connection. The founder of Capac simply seemed to think that it was an interesting name. Really, most people in the town do not know where the name comes from. The popular myth is that the founder bought it from Chief Capac, which explains the inconsistency between the mascot and Capac being Incan and not Native American. Now it stands for cows and pigs and chickens, or chickens and pigs and cows, depending on your perspective at the moment. The idea behind it is that the area is meant to be rural and make you think of farms and nice things like that. The cows are in decent supply, giving the whole area a wonderful smell in spring, but I can count on my hand the number of people in the area that own pigs or chickens.

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