Last night, as I was getting into bed, I was suddenly struck by a fear that my nodes were not safe. I felt the great distance between me and my nodes. My mind drew a picture of a lonely defenseless server, sitting in the dark, under threat from a deranged axe wielding admin.

In order to reassure me, I would like someone to send a picture of the server to me. Could you also take the case off the server and photograph the hard drive my nodes are on? This would certainly be nice. I'd also like to see pictures of the friends of my server - his rack buddies.

I certainly hope no admin is taking the hard drive that my nodes are on out to the pub with them and drinking with them. That would seriously piss me off! Or even smoking pot around them, or swearing. That would be against God.

Please find attached a little blanket I made to tuck my nodes in at night. Sleep well sweet nodes.

Update: no one has sent me a freaking photo yet. Bastards

Day 1089: Still no photo. Getting desperate - Drawing pictures of how I think the server looks. Please someone save me.

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