Camio is one of the 72 spirits of Solomon: also known as Caym, or Caim. Once an angel, he fell with Lucifer, and now commands thirty legions in Hell.

When he manifests, he is said to take the form of a thrush, and later the form of man carrying a wickedly tapered saber. Occasionally, he may appear as a man with the head and plumage of a bird.

It is believed that the magician communing with Camio would do so by reading the burning embers of a fire, or listening to (and seeking words in) the hissing and popping of the same.

Reginald Scot stated: "...he (Camio) giveth men the understanding of all birds, of the lowing of bullocks, and barking of dogs, and also the sound and noise of waters." It is believed that the reference to understanding the sound of water may refer to a type of auditory divination in which a magician listens for voices in the sounds of flowing water.

Camio is capable of divining the future, and is a clever sophist: he teaches the arts of clever discourse and convincing debate.

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