Company that invented the hydration system, a fancy canteen with a tube that fits on your back. Invented by a former paramedic. by attaching medical tubing to an I.V. bag and sticking it in a sock.

A brilliant idea--a hands free, high capacity water reservoir that you wear on your back. If you do any sort of intense physical activity, especially when it's hot, you'll want one. It doesn't have to be a Camelback brand either--lots of companies make them.

The Camelbak line of hydration systems varies in size, including hip bags, satchels, and larger full size bags. The hydration packs carry 80 or 100 ounces of fluid in an insulated pouch.

An alternate use of the Camelbak, is as a small laptop back for the Sony Vaio Picturebook. The Picturebook is the same size as the hydration pack, and the insulation functions as padding for the laptop. Smaller bags, such as the Mule, are ideal for this, for the person who doesn't want to carry a large computer bag.

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