It's a cheese!

Cambozola sounds Italian, but it actually comes from Germany. It is a semi-soft cheese, similar in texture to Camembert (or Brie, I suppose). It has blue veins throughout and a creamy texture, with a soft, edible white rind.

The taste is very smooth with the blue-ness nowhere near as strong as Danish blue or Stilton. The veins add an interesting flavour to what would otherwise be similar to many other French soft cheeses.

Various cheeses described as Blue Brie or German Blue Brie are quite similar to Cambozola. In the 1980s the popular UK cheese Lymeswold was based on Cambozola. Cambozola itself was created in the 1970s.

Cambozola is the cheese I buy myself when I deserve a treat.

Do you deserve Cambozola?

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