Out of nowhere during a lecture my Calculus III professor, who is Korean, started talking about how much he hates telemarketers and how he has tried various ways of having fun with them in broken english. This went on for about five minutes, then he somehow started talking about Robert Park.

"There is a student here he's a korean american, his name is Robert Park. I guess his friends would call him Bob", he said. "One time his roommate told me that someone called for him and said..." He stopped talking and picked up a piece of chalk and wrote on the board in english (my spelling my be incorrect)bob itseh yo?. Two students ,who are korean as well, began giggling. "This means is Bob there, it's very polite, but bob in korean also means rice. Basically it also means do you have any rice? The guy that told me this said someone called him up asking for rice...must have been a crazy person or somthing".

Then it was back to fubini's theorem.

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