Twentieth album by Genesis, released September 1997. This marked the first (and last) appearance of Ray Wilson as lead singer, replacing Phil Collins. Taking over on drums were Nick D'Virgilio (of Spock's Beard) and Nir Zidkyahu.(who played on the followup concert tour). The album reached #2 on the UK charts, and also did well throughout Europe, but only reached #54 in the United States. It contained the following tracks:
  1. Calling All Stations
  2. Congo *
  3. Shipwrecked *
  4. Alien Afternoon
  5. Not About Us *
  6. If That's What You Need
  7. The Dividing Line
  8. Uncertain Weather
  9. Small Talk
  10. There Must Be Some Other Way
  11. One Man's Fool
* - Indicates tracks relesed as singles.

Also the first track from the album. Lyrics and music by Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.

(Lyrics omitted here unless there's a big demand for them - Erbo)

(This was the first song that Tony and Mike worked on for this album; it's based on a rhythm track and some dramatic chord progressions. Tony claimed it was Ray's favorite song on the album.)

Source: Calling All Stations liner notes; chart position information from Genesis AtoZ,; Tony Banks interview information from

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