This document reflects the current rules of Ultimate. Passages whose meaning has changed over the years are marked with a link indicating the year of the change, as in ``1992''. Follow the link to see the wording of the change, the prior wording, and additional commentary that explains the rationale of the change (when available).

Thanks to Eric Simon, Kathy Pufahl, Scott Gurst, Frank Revi, Mark Licata, Scott Gurst, Troy Frever, and Juha Jalovaara for compiling the amendments and changes.

Originally posted by Eric Simon, <70540.1522@CompuServe.COM>, 10 Jun 1991.

Subsequently edited and re-formatted by Joseph A. Barcio II, <>. This included addition of the 1991 Amendments and Changes after Section XIV.

Complete 1991 Amendments and Changes added by George Ferguson, <>. 1992 Amendments and Changes added by George Ferguson with the help of Troy Frever, <>.

HTML version by George Ferguson, 3 Dec 1993.

1995 Clarifications and Amendments by Eric Simon. Added to HTML document by George Ferguson, 8-11 Sep 1995. Contributions by Hilarie Orman <>, 18 Sep 1995.

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