"So finals are coming up, or that big deliverable has been pushed up by 2 weeks? Sure there are plenty of caffeinated beverages out there, but what do you reach for when you're just not thirsty?

Our NEW Caffeinated Meatloaf"

This is an idea ThinkGeek (www.thinkgeek.com) came up with as an april fools joke for 2001. This delicious meal allegedly contained 327mg of caffeine per serving, promising "that needed burst energy". The ingredients of this dynamite-dish were said to include "beef, pork, veal and plenty of caffeine, spices, and herbs, you won't know the difference between ours and moms, except that mom's doesn't make you do cart wheels on the kitchen table..."

This product is a parody of the extremes caffeine-zombies such as myself will seek to satisfy our craving (or just stay awake). The fact that (according to their newsletter) ThinkGeek got bunches of replies asking for this product to actually be introduced is mildly frightening, if somewhat believable.

The caffeinated meatloaf was said to cost a mere "$16.99 (includes packaging in dry-ice)." Furthermore, the product preview at the bottom of the page announced:

"Coming soon to go with your meatloaf: Caffeinated Ketchup!"

Note: The ThinkGeek April Fools products page is still available at the time of writing at http://www.thinkgeek.com/home-looflirpa.html

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