Yet another installment in the "Why WCW lost untold millions of dollars in 1993" series...

Mick Foley, known as Cactus Jack at the time, needed some time off to be with his family and recover from some nagging injuries.  So, an angle is booked wherein Cactus would have two matches with Vader, the WCW World Champion at the time.  The first match was inconclusive, allowing Cactus to get a rematch with the title on the line.  During the second match, on WCW Saturday Night, Vader powerbombed Cactus on the concrete floor outside the ring.  Foley's head hit visibly--and audibly--hit the concrete, and EMTs stretchered him out on national television.  Althought it was just an angle, he did get legitimately get a concussion because of the bump.

Some Internet wrestling fans, in their typical overzealousness, managed to dig up Foley's home phone number and called him to see if he was all right.

Now, instead of doing some sane angle, WCW decided to:

1) Have Cactus Jack disappear.
2) Send a "WCW Camera Crew," led by "Catherine White," around looking for him.
3) Have Catherine White find a clean-shaven Cactus Jack hiding on in the slums of Cleveland.
4) Make Cactus Jack have amnesia, thinking himself to be an ex-sailor who can only remember the name "Dewey" (the name of his son in real life).
5) Have amnesiac ex-sailor Cactus be a role model to all the other homeless people in the slums, helping them better their lives.
6) Have him regain his memory after an actress playing his wife makes an emotional plea at the behest of Mrs White.

It's also worth noting that Foley wanted his real wife, Colette, to be in the angle, but WCW considered her too attractive.  They claimed that no one would believe that Cactus Jack had an attractive wife, and so they got a fat ugly woman to play her.  Foley also tried to stop this retarded angle in the first place, but to no avail.  The bookers were convinced it was gold.

So, upon Cactus' return, he was made to wrestle Yoshi Kwan at Fall Brawl '93 (in order to earn a shot against Vader), with a "bag of something personal belonging to Cactus" on the line.  Its contents were never revealed.  It was also revealed around this time that Cactus Jack never had amnesia in the first place, and it was all just mind games on his part to mess with Vader's head.

Cactus finally got his return match with Vader at Halloween Havoc '93 in a Texas Death Match.  While ALL conventional booking by ANY sane person on the face of the planet would have Foley go over to regain his heat after the retarded angle, Vader retained his title after his manager, Harley Race, zapped Foley with a tazer.  Yes, a tazer. It should be noted that the match was spectacular up until that point.

Foley was fired less than a year later. But don't feel too bad for him, he'd be hired by the World Wrestling Federation in 1995 and go on to make millions of dollars as one of their most popular superstars.

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