Cache Creek is a large creek (some would say river) which flows from the coastal range west of Woodland, CA (near Sacramento). It is also the name of a large Indian casino near this creek. The creek itself starts in the somewhat high mountains of Mendoncino County then flows into Clear Lake which incidentally, is pretty full of nasty green water. After this, it flows through a canyon, into a wide long valley near the casino, then empties into the Sacramento Valley. It loses much of its water here to agricultural diversions. Then, it meanders near Woodland amd evemtually out towards the Sacramento River. This creek is pretty damn big by California standards, bigger than any of the 'rivers' of southern california. Unlike Putah Creek, which is about 20 miles south of Cache Creek and contains cold water from Lake Berryessa, this creek contains warm water from Clear Lake. Because of this, and because of its relatively mild rapids in some parts, it is fun to go tubing or rafting in. The good tubing areas are in driving distance of Sacramento and Davis. The water is also a hell of a lot warmer than the American River or other watercourses flowing from the Sierras.

The Cache Creek Casino, is a big casino which just seems to keep growing.. it now has a bunch of blackjack tables as well as Nevada style slots and video poker. It's especially popular with people from Davis or the Bay Area because its much closer than Reno or South Lake Tahoe. Some of my friends have made money there, others have lost a hell of a lot. I personally avoid gambling because i suck at blackjack, etc. But at least, it gives you something to do on those boring Davis nights

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