Cool Site Of The Day award.

In 1999 they screwed up their awards ceremony in a spectacular fashion (and more importantly they deserved it). eCompanies (har!) ran the event and just annoyed and immersed people in advertising (well, then it is just like online).

But if an awards ceremony is to be taken seriously they need to appreciate more than money. Would the academy awards have a taco bell banner in the background and each award "donated by..."?

In the same way many sysadmins hate microsoft, content providers hated csotd for worshipping things that wouldn't get within earshot from other media ceremonies.

Should an Oscar award go to a company's promotional video or Titanic. No matter how brilliantly executed a company video is the odds are it's not going to make me laugh, cry or fuck with my emotions. Obviously Titanic should win...

Oh, sorry. Don't know what I was thinking.

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