Back in the ancient days, before floppy disks were scattered amongst the Twinkie wrappers on every geek's desk, we stored our programs on cassettes. Those who could afford them used the real data cassettes, without the clear tape leader. The cheap folks used regular cassettes and just forwarded them by hand past the leader.

The TRS-80 and other pre-historic relics of its ilk used cassette tapes for long-term storage. To load a program from the tape, you had to use the spiffy CLOAD command.

CLOAD = Load the first program on the cassette CLOAD "file" = Load the program called "file" CLOAD? = Compare the program in memory to the first program on the cassette CLOAD? "file" = Search the cassette for the program called "file" and then compare it to the one in memory

I still have some cassette tapes of BASIC programs written for the TRS-80 and the Radio Shack PC8 handheld computer.

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